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With the removal of Google Buzz, Google Reader shared items now go to Google+. Anybody who wants to follow them must also use Google Plus (which is not realistic).

Is it possible to use Google Reader the old fashioned way where the shared items can be seen by others via an RSS feed? I want to convert my Google+ shared items into an RSS feed.

I tried what was outlined in a blog post, How to Create a Google Plus RSS Feed but nothing works.


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The only way I have found is to use ifttt to share Google Reader starred items...

...and believe me, I have beek looking hard for an answer to this... – Todd Lohenry May 2 '12 at 13:57
Can you please elaborate as to how IFTTT can help in this situation? This isn't really an answer in it's current form and may be deleted. – codingbadger May 2 '12 at 14:10

Google Reader has a "Send to" option.

Using Reader Settings, you can configure the "Send to" option to send the link of an interesting article you're reading within Reader to other sites/services like Delicious which in turn can generate a RSS feed.