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Is there any way to have the list "item number" appear on the card? I have a lot of things to keep track of, and seeing an actual "#45 Action" would be very useful - even more so if it would "re-calculate" based on where on the list I drag the item too

Let me re-phrase the original question... I just want to see list item # as an option to show / hide in the title of the card. When I move the card to the top of a list, it displays "#1 My Card Title" and when I move it to 5th on my list it displays "#5 My Card Title"

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Can you make a screen shot to further elaborate on what you mean? It's hard to visualize what you're going for here. Also, check out the resources page at trello.com/resources. – Rich Armstrong Apr 24 '12 at 14:38

Each card has a card number which roughly translates to when it was added. For example, the card Subscribe on the Trello Development board is number 1049, which means it was roughly the 1049th card added to the board. The card number is visible in the bottom right of the back of a card.

There's no way to change or recalculate the card number. You might try just changing the title, though that can be a lot of work.

enter image description here

EDIT: Here is a screenshot from the latest version of Trello

enter image description here

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Not 100% the thing you want, but close to is the following solution:

If you click on a card, you can get the number of the card in the list by doing the following:

-> At the bottom right of the card you see the action-panel. -> If you click at "move" or "copy" a sub-window opens. You can see there the current position of the card in this list (at the place, where you select the destination).

I use this for example if I want to figure out, how many items are in one list.

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