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Does anyone fathom how to setup a Gmail/Google Apps Mail filter that catches ALL destinations to a particular domain?

I've tried




in the "Has the words" field but neither work.

Similar to this question except not specific to any complete address (only the domain is constant in my case, the user/account part before the @ is unpredictable): Is it possible to create a Gmail filter that works on headers other than From, To, Subject?

I already have another filter setup to catch and forward *@mydomain.com in the To: field; that works fine.

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Not sure why this works when the others don’t, but the quotes act as some kind of delimiter.

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Haven't tried it but thanks. Parens worked for me. –  Marcos Apr 25 '12 at 12:31

Using parens seems to do the trick:


Also figured out how to negate properly (placement of hyphen):



deliveredto:(*@mydomain.com)  AND  -to:(*@mydomain.com)  AND -cc:(*@mydomain.com)
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