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I have very limited knowledge of web development yet I was given the task of creating a website for a product I am working on. To that end I have created a website on Google sites.

The product is written (mostly) in Java and I would like to demonstrate some of its features in the website. Basically, I need to run a certain Java function on input that is taken from a form in the website. I have tried using Java applets but it seems like this doesn't work with Google Sites (see my question here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10306127/embedding-java-applets-in-a-google-sites-website).

I was wondering whether there's another option anyone may think of? Alternatively, if Java applets are the only way to do this - is there any other (hopefully free) web hosting service that would allow me to run Java applets without too much pain?

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An alternative could be to use Java Web Start in order to show some functionality of your application.

This solution imply that user have JRE.

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I looked at some examples of this but it seems really cumbersome - I didn't even realize the application was starting. Besides, I want it to be integrated in the site without popping windows or too much interference on the user side. –  smichak Apr 25 '12 at 10:14

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