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As to answer a question on SuperUser, I was making a sample spreadsheet on google docs. Now I made it first in Excel 2010 on my computer to copy/paste it later on.

When I tried to copy a formula that contained the "Match" formula, it didn't work (it works in excel though).

Now I was wondering is the google spreadsheet limited in formulas, or does it work with its own set of formulas and can't I compare it to the Office Excel one?

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Google Docs has size limits. There can be 40,000 cells containing formulas.

You can compare the Excel functions with this Google Spreadsheet function list. While there are some common functions, Google Spreadsheet does have its own set of formulas

Google spreadsheets also have complexity limits. Every time a cell is updated, any cell that references it will also be recalculated. If formulas become too complex or take too long to calculate, the spreadsheet will timeout during calculation.

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