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Looking for a bookmark manager that will host all my bookmarks from Mozilla and Chrome (mostly from Mozilla, since Chrome's bookmarking facility is severely inconvenient). But my Mozilla bookmarks are organised in several sub folders and tons of tags. So need a manager that will be able to handle this- dont want subfolders floating around without the parent folder, dont want my links that have been tagged, to lose their tags.

Also want a manager that wont suck all my online activity and start customizing my search results- Google does enough of that! Privacy online is important to me, I try to be safe.

What are my options?

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Did you search for one? is there any options you've stumbled upon? –  Bibhas Apr 26 '12 at 18:28

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You can try iCrumz.com, which is exactly what you're looking for. It's a free cloud-based Internet bookmarking service. With iCrumz.com all your bookmarks are always available using any browser from any computer, mobile phone or tablet. the iCrumz interface allows you to have 100 or more bookmarks on a single webpage without being cluttered. It's impossible to "orphan" a subfolder without a parent folder (and for that matter, impossible to orphan a bookmark without a folder). And all your tags are never lost. In fact, when you bookmark a page, the bookmark title, tags and description are automatically suggested based on the related HTML meta tags on the page from the author of the page. iCrumz also offers an import function, so you can import and consolidate all your bookmarks from all your browsers on all your devices. You can check out a brief (1 minute) intro video here.

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post your answer such that it looks like an answer to the question and not as an advertisement that you are doing for your own question. I would humbly suggest not mentioning "My Company" –  user221287 May 31 '12 at 15:34

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