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Is there a Facebook app that ranks all my Facebook posts (status updates, photos, links, etc.) by number of likes? How about one that ranks my friends by average number of likes on each friend's posts?

I found this, which looked promising, but appears not to work anymore (redirects to the Facebook home page):

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Login to Archivedbook using Facebook. Select tab Statuses and from the drop down menu select Most Liked. enter image description here

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"Unfortunately, Archivedbook will definitely stop working on April 30, 2015. Read here why." –  o0'. Mar 3 at 9:25 will give you your most liked facebook pics. It is photos specific and not posts specific

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Login to

generate a detailed report about your social network, including the particular query you are interested in and all the other useful data.

great insights about your activity on the social network.

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