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To approach the functionality of Google+ circles, I'd like to move all friends from one Facebook list to another. For example, I'd like to move most of the people from my list for where I work (smart list) to Acquaintances, where I can set that list to have less access to my profile.

How can I select a sub-set of friends from one list and move them to another in Facebook?

edit http://www.friendmanager.org/ looks interesting, but it only takes 3 lists (general, close friends, acquaintances). I can't find a way to move more than one friend at a time (not fun when you have 400+).

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Maybe I'm mistaken, but how exactly can you move one Google circle to another? I see no such option. Edit, okay you can drag and select all members of the circle – phwd Apr 28 '12 at 18:29
@phwd In Google+, you click on the circle and it becomes an active list of users. Then you select the users using the lasso or other means, and move to another circle. – Fuhrmanator Apr 29 '12 at 3:24

You can use http://www.circlehack.com/ made as an experiment by some Facebook engineers.

The source is here if ever the site goes down https://github.com/voloko/facebook-circles

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Works in IE9 (Chrome gave me some endless loop trying to get permissions, but maybe because I have an adblocker and NotScripts). Sadly, the only multi-select "source" list is the entire list of friends - one can't select multiples from pre-defined lists. I want to choose all from my smart-list and move to acquaintances, for example. But this is better than nothing. Also, I'd vote you up, if I had the rep to do it! – Fuhrmanator Apr 28 '12 at 18:45

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