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I'm looking for some kind of API that would allow me to feed it a location, say "City of London", and it would return a series of geographically relevant list of areas that it's in.

For example, this fantasy API would take "City of London" as a parameter and spit out "London", "United Kingdom", "Europe". "Brooklyn" would be "New York", "New York State", "United States".

It doesn't have to be that specific or as consistent as the example above. I have obviously looked into using the Google Maps API for this and it would be fine for the job were there not requirements to have a map displayed and not allow access behind a login system.

Thanks for any help and apologies if this was a little unclear!

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You are looking at essentially a geoocation API. one is yahoo place finder here is the output from one of the examples:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ResultSet version="1.0">
<ErrorMessage>No error</ErrorMessage>
    <line1>701 1st Ave</line1>
    <line2>Sunnyvale, CA  94089-1019</line2>
    <line4>United States</line4>
    <street>1st Ave</street>
    <county>Santa Clara County</county>
    <country>United States</country>
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