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What is the current URL to create a new Google Document please? Since Google last updated their Docs the old URL does not work.

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Well... using the navigation menu that comes up when you click the Create button, you end up with a URL that has a long random string within it.

However, when I put https://docs.google.com/document in the browser after I have been logged into my Google account, it starts a new document.

What was the old URL?

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To confirm, the URL to create a new document is docs.google.com/document REGARDLESS of whether or not you have signed up with google drive. Yes, if you have accepted google drive, the home inbox is redirected to drive.google.com but all the individual documents still use docs.google.com –  Bon Gart May 1 '12 at 14:53

For ordering knowledge. You could open new spreadsheet, presentation and drawings. URLs with a defined language looks like this.

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I realize that this question is as old as the original answer is outdated. The new URL for document creation is https://drive.google.com/document/create, likewise with other new Drive-related files.

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