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How do I find a complete list of possible actions on Twitter?

Here are examples of what I mean, though to be clear, I'm not asking for a list, but how to compile the list:

  • (unsure if the following are the "correct" names, but just an attempt to explain what I mean)
  • tweet-received
  • delete-any-type (tweet,direct-msg)
  • tweet-sent
  • @reply (@name starts tweet)
  • @mentions (@name within tweet)
  • @tweet
  • retweet/unretweet
  • follow/unfollow/block
  • Approve/Deny Follower Requests
  • favorite/unfavorite
  • list-public/unlist-public
  • list-private/unlist-private
  • direct-msg-send
  • direct-msg-recieve
  • Add tweet (hashtag, photo, URL)
  • Edit Profile (picture, email, bio, theme, location)
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The REST API more or less reflects anything you can do in the web interface, so I would say the list is here


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