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How does one specify a cell to contain exactly one double-quote character in a TSV file so that it will be handled correctly when imported (as a spreadsheet) into GoogleDocs? (Note: when importing the file, Tab rather than Automatic must be specified as Separator Character in the import dialog; if I don't do this, the imported sheet has even more problems.)

I have tried all of the following, without success


I also tried manually inserting a lone double-quote character in one cell of a GoogleDocs spreadsheet, and then downloading the spreadsheet and inspecting the downloaded file. Frustratingly enough, the downloaded file shows a lone double-quote character (i.e. not escaped in any way) between the flanking tab characters.

BTW, this means, among other things, that GoogleDocs spreadsheets cannot do the download-re-import round trip. E.g. if the spreadsheet I downloaded is re-imported (exactly as it was delivered by GoogleDocs) into a GoogleDocs spreadsheet (specifying tab as a separator character in the import dialog), the formatting is messed up; the lone double quote apparently has the effect of escaping the subsequent tab, so the import does not recognize it as a separator.

I stress that what I'm looking is for how to write the TSV so that it gets imported correctly into a GoogleDocs spreadsheet. IOW, simply entering the double-quote manually into a Google spreadsheet is of no use here.

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Try four double-quotes, e.g.


According to Wikipedia there is no reliable standard, but some attempts have been made.

A (double) quote character in a field must be represented by two double quote characters.
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Amazing. I wouldn't have guessed this one in a million years. Three double-quotes is maybe understandable (as in "the outer quotes quote the middle one"), but four of them makes no sense to me. But it works! Thanks! – kjo May 14 '12 at 0:43
@kjo 4 makes sense because the 1st opens the string 2nd and 3rd is the escaped quote and the 4th closes the string. – panzi Jun 28 at 18:24

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