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Nowadays, I see a lot of live streaming on YouTube, and I wanted to try this feature. But when I go to my channel, I don't see any options.

I tried to find on YouTube and Google how I can do this, but without luck. So I was wondering, how can I live stream on YouTube?

I don't have any pro account or any of that, but I watch people that I believed they don't have one either. So it is open for everyone, right?

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I was also searching for this in vain. But I found out from the youtube blog that the right to livestream is reserved for "content partners whose accounts are in good standing." So you need to become a content partner to livestream as of right now. You can sign up to become a content partner at

To answer your question "So it is open for everyone?", No. It is not open to the public yet. They are beta testing with their content partners.


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Before you can stream any video on YouTube, you first need to apply for their partnership program.

Although, first read all the requirements that you need for the YouTube partnership program since otherwise you can easily get rejected.

Once you are a partner you can benefit of putting ads on your video which you make money through, also you will be eligible to the live streaming program :) Here is their partner ship page: Partnership program

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This no longer seems to be true, not all accounts that are monetized can stream – Ben Brocka Feb 19 '13 at 3:34

You can live stream without being a YouTube partner all you have to do is use a Google Hangout.

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