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This is probably an unusual use case, but is there forum software available that provides anonymous posts only? At the same time, I would like it to be a private, invite-only forum.

This means that users would have to login to even see any posts, but when anyone posts, it would be completely anonymous (no one would know who is posting). Yes, the user could create a post saying "My Name Is __ __", but they probably wouldn't do that as it would defeat the purpose of this forum.

I have been evaluating a lot of them, but so far the only solution I can find is to manually change the code to set the userid to a random string when the account is created. This may be a good option, but I can't find any platforms that make this task easy.

Basically, it's a forum for providing anonymous feedback, without fear of "retaliation". Users do not want to give honest feedback if they know the person who created the pages they are giving feedback on.

Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

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Look - I get it. You think this kind of question doesn't belong here - I've found a community where I can ask this kind of question. But I can't delete this question - it won't let me. So instead of continuing to downvote me, please leave some comments as to why you think this is a bad question - that will help more than blind downvoting. I've tried to delete this question but it won't let me. – BrianH Apr 19 at 14:07

as for forums software i would recommend bbPress free, open source with good functionality and lots of plugins available you could get a custom plugin to do the specisic things you want wordpress coders can do it!

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I do like bbPress, and I have evaluated it. I am struggling with WordPress, though, to make it fit the needs I have listed above. The hardest thing would be to modify wordpress to make usernames more anonymous, I think. – BrianH May 22 '12 at 13:04

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