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I have a photo uploaded in an album that I want to set as the cover photo for my Profile. Is there a way to do so without downloading the photo and upload it again?

When I open the photo, under the "Options" I see, "Set as Profile Photo" but there is no "Set as Cover Photo".

Is this possible?

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Yes there is. Visit your profile page, click on the Change Cover link at the bottom left of your cover image, then Choose from Photos....

enter image description here

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Of course it's possbile, I read a guide yesterday, simple and easy to use, the guide are at this address. With this script you can upload facebook covers via js with just one click.

This is the url: How to upload Facebook Cover Photo to Facebook via Javascript

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Please disclose your affiliation with the service you mentioned, otherwise your answer will be considered spam and treated accordingly. Thanks! – Alex Jan 4 '13 at 0:08

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