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In Gmail, whenever I send an email I want to get a copy of the message that I sent in my inbox, 100% of the time. How can I do this?

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I have not found a way to add the inbox label to all outgoing messages. But you can use "multiple inboxes" to get sent mail to the top of the window

  1. Go to settings/Labs and select "Multiple inboxes"
  2. Save Changes
  3. You should now see a "Multiple inboxes" tab in settings.
  4. GMail will let you specify a search query. In the first box enter "is:Sent Mail" without the quotes.
  5. Set the maximum page size to a larger number. It didn't complain about using 50, but I don't know if there is a maximum value.
  6. Optional: Set "Extra panels positioning" to Above the inbox. This will put the "Sent Mail" label above the main inbox.
  7. Save changes

There may be a couple of second lag the first time you go back to the main page, becuse it has to execute the new query.

It does the job with a couple of issues:

  • Each inbox has its own < and > button to move through the list
  • Each inbox has its own "view all" button which jumps you to the label
  • The gear button is only on the tool bar above the main inbox section.
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You can't mess with the default inbox view, unfortunately.

My solution was to search for: "in:inbox OR is:sent", then bookmark that URL. You will notice that by default, the regular emails have the "Inbox" label, and the sent emails lack the label.

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Not sure, if Gmail has a tool for that but i just sent the copy of the message back to me using the Add Bcc in the compose window.

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You can set up a filter for messages sent from: [yourself], and check Never send it to spam. This will put all sent emails in your inbox automatically.

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