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I use my google account for saving YouTube videos. But Google has added a whole bunch of their services onto my account, such as Adwords, documents, calendar, Picasa, talk, checkout, sites, blogger and more. Now I would like to be able to de-select (delete) all those services that I don't want and don't need, is that possible? For example how can I delete the blogger account?

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How would your experience with the Google account be different once these other services were "deleted"? (I'm not trying to be funny by asking this question: The obvious answer - just don't use them - is so very obvious that I suspect that you're really trying to achieve some other effect, that you haven't mentioned.) –  MaryC.fromNZ Jun 18 '12 at 10:44
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Unfortunately, the only service that can be permanently deleted from a Google Account is Gmail. This can be seen under your Account page by clicking Services -> Edit. The only option under "Delete a Product" is "Remove Gmail Permanently".

That said, you do not necessarily have to use any of the indicated services. They are merely there should you wish.

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