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When I use Google to search the web, I usually get German results first and English results later when I use search terms that make sense in both languages. Since I am German and live in Germany, this is usually what I want.

However, when I search for technical information, I often want only the English search results since they are much more relevant and of higher quality.

I could start fiddling with my browser settings or try to make Google honor the search settings, but then I would be stuck with the English results even when looking for a local Brauereiausschank.

So what I am looking for is a way to specifiy that I only want English results as a part of the search query, e.g. like this:

Google search: invalid partition table lang:en

Similiar to how I can search for cafe loc:Brandenburger Tor to search for a coffee shop near a specific location.

Does such a syntax exist or can this be achieved in a different way?

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You can add the following parameters to the query to limit your search to a particular language:


Where xx is the language code you want to search in (like en for English, de for German, etc.)

For example:




The first one will show English, while the second one will show German results

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If you click the Search Settings link (in the gear drop-down), you should be able to set the default language for Google, and then include other languages.

Google makes it clear that the default language is always included:

Google Search automatically returns results in the language you choose for Google product text, but you can also request results in many other languages.

I did a quick test, setting the default to German, and including English, and the results seemed to reflect what you want.

enter image description here

Another option, depending on your browser, that could fairly easily deal with this issue is to create a separate (in your case "dev") profile, in which you set the default Google UI language to English.

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Thanks for the information. However, this does not solve my problem. When I set Deutsch and English as languages with Deutsch as default, I still get "paules-pc-forum.de" as a first hit when I search for invalid partition table, instead of something useful. So what you are saying is that my problem cannot be solved? Is there maybe a browser extension that lets me switch languages quickly? –  Jannik Jochem Jun 12 '12 at 20:57
Well the line from Google indicates that the default Google UI language will always be included in the results. I don't know about an extension; it would depend on your browser. –  Synetech Jun 12 '12 at 21:01
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