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I'm searching for a web app like github issues but not limited to github projetcs.

There are a lot of alternative but I think that github issues is something fanstatsic with a fast interface and all the features that i need.

Wunderkit is something similar to what I'm searching for but I find its interface to be too slow.

I only need these features:

  1. division in projects
  2. tags
  3. millestones
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You might want to consider Basecamp.

I can only post two links since I am a new user, but here is a link for all the reasons you should try Basecamp. It contains all the features you requested above.

Seems to be the right direction for your needs.

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tried i don't like it... it's too much about collaboration –  Matteo Pagliazzi Jun 22 '12 at 16:47

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