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In Trac 0.11 is there a way to list wiki pages matching a certain pattern in the title?

For example say we want a dynamically generated index page showing every page in the wiki with 'Cheese' in the title. In pseudo code: [[search(title=*cheese*,*Cheese*)]]

would yield:

  • CheeseShop
  • WhineAndCheese
  • Shop/cheese
  • ...

Basically I'm looking for the wiki equivalent of the TicketQuery system, for a stock install and no ability to install plugins or modify the file system. From reading WikiMacros it looks like this should be possible using TitleIndex or even RecentChanges, but my attempts so far keep coming up with empty results. I can't tell if what I'm trying is flat out not possible or my syntax is messed up. If the latter, working examples would be appreciated.

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