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In Google Docs, if a misspelled word is present in a document, a red underline is displayed under that word, as is typical in text-composition applications.

When the caret (insertion point) is positioned over the misspelled word, is there a keyboard shortcut that can be used to get Google Docs to display suggested corrected spellings (i.e. the same behavior that Google Docs provides when you right-click the misspelled word with the mouse)?

On a Windows PC, I would normally use the "Menu" / "Applications" key for this; however, in Google Docs, this causes an unrelated context menu to be displayed that does not include spelling suggestions. (Tested in both Firefox and Chrome.)

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Doesn't look like it. The only keyboard shortcuts I see for misspellings just allow you move to the next/previous misspelling. I can't see a way to get the Google Docs context menu to come up with just the keyboard. Bad accessibility design if you ask me. – Al E. Jun 21 '12 at 19:15
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Try Control+Shift+\

Works in Google Chrome for me.

I found this at https://sites.google.com/a/umich.edu/going-google/accessibility/google-documents-keyboard-shortcuts---mac

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Interesting. This shortcut only seems to work in Google Docs -- not any other applications that I tried briefly -- but it does work! Thanks! – Jon Schneider Jan 17 '13 at 3:03

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