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I'm not getting updated posts from most--but not all- of my liked pages in my news-feed in Facebook like local news channels, Fox News, local library page, etc.

This has happened more often in the last few weeks.

I tried hovering over the "liked" button on these pages and it does show that "show in news feed" is checked.

I've tried this from How do I control what I see in my news feed?:

Unhide stories from a person, Page, group, event or app

  1. From your home page, hover over news feed in the left sidebar menu.
  2. Click the pencil icon that appears to the left.
  3. A list of people, apps, Pages, and groups you’ve hidden or unsubscribed from will appear in a pop-up box. Click the X next to each one you'd like to remove from this list. Removing someone or something from your list of hidden stories means those stories can appear in your news feed again.
  4. Click Save.

Nothing seems to work.

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Changes in the stories hidden/show setting in the Facebook feeds could take a while to make the changes being reflected.

I assume that it could take no more than 24 hrs.

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