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I am planning on redoing the UI of my website to give the website a more web 2.0 feel. This is the process I am planning to follow :

1. Come up with PSDs that would have the designs of a few template pages and the designs of the main UI widgets and the elements (i.e. tables, lists etc)
2. Create master CSS sheets using the designs we have frozen.
3. Refactor our existing html to reflect the new css.

I wanted to know if the process I am planning to follow is correct (i.e. are we missing anything critical)?

Also it would be great if you could refer us to some good books/websites on how to write HTML/CSS/jquery for webapps it would be great.

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The steps you mentioned are fine. And for tutorials I can recommend this:

From very popular Jeffrey Way on Nettuts+ a free jquery video 30 day tutorials:


And here is for CSS (also video and free):


Good luck!

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