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I'm looking for a online tool that allows me to paste two versions of a text and compare the difference side by side, line by line and maybe add notes to certain changes. I found many "diff" tools that allow basic comparison (red/green) but they didn't have a "share link" functionality.

I'm correcting the text of a friend and want to send her the link to the comparison.

I know that it is possible to add comments etc. in PDF, but I need a solution where you can see both versions at the same time.

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Best online text tools I know are Google Apps, Quip and Draft, though I hardly used them. Have you tried any of these? Also, sorry this got closed, I kinda hate how restrictive SEN communities tend to be. I'd love to see an answer for this question! Anyway, maybe there's an answer on reddit. – cregox Mar 7 '14 at 23:59

I would try just using plain old microsoft word, and zoom out to a point where you can see both copies on the same screen. Then they can be printed on different sheets, and comments can be added as needed on microsoft word. If you need to use an online tool then there is google docs word, but then you can't see both at once.

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