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I have a non-Gmail Google Account that I use for Google Plus.

In Google Plus, I can chat with my contacts but I wish I could use the Google Talk software to chat outside the browser.

How can I get my ID to work?

I tried to fill out this form, but it replied that the email is already a Google account.


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You can connect your non-Gmail account to GTalk.

You can follow the steps at Using Google Talk without a gmail account (where I originally learned of the process), or follow these updated steps:

These steps assume an example e-mail address of me@mydomain.com that you should replace with your own:

If don't yet have a non-Gmail Google account:

  • Create a Google account tied to your non-Gmail account (for example me@mydomain.com) as usual
  • Verify your account

Once you have a non-Gmail account:

  • Log in to your non-Gmail account and go to the account page
  • Then create a Gmail account for this new account (doesn't matter what @gmail.com address you pick, it is only temporary)
  • Now you can connect any GTalk-enabled client with your original e-mail username (me@mydomain.com) as usual (if using 2-step verification you will need to create an app-specific password, as usual)

If you don't want to keep the temporary Gmail account:

  • Go to the Account->Data tools page
  • Click Data tools->Delete products
  • Click Remove Gmail and follow the steps
  • Continue to connect and use Gtalk as me@mydomain.com as usual
Thanks! Just a reminder - if you use 2-step verification you would need an app-specific password – nhed Nov 14 '14 at 2:34

I am sorry to say so, but there is absolutely no way you can do that. GMail integrated chat, Google Talk, Google Plus integrated Chat and Orkut integrated Chat are all different in their own way.

One more point of difference between these is that in each site you can see a different name for a contact depending upon what names he has set for himself in Orkut, Google Plus and what name have you given to him in your Google Contacts.


You can activate your Jabber account, by creating a Gmail account in this Google Account of yours.


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