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I'm using Atlassian Confluence 4.2.6 with the Documentation Theme and would like to completely remove the footer (the thing on the bottom of e.g. this page).

I know how to change the default text or hide the footer contents via Javascript/CSS, but I'd like to remove it completely, probably by changing the Velocity template (I tried that, but without success).

Can anyone help?

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  • Extract the content of %confluence_home%/bundled-plugins/doctheme-2.x.x.jar
  • Comment out the following line at the end of file doctheme\decorators\main.vmd:

    ##parse ("/decorators/includes/footer.vm")

  • zip the files again and upload he plugin

Tested with Confluence 4.1.19 and doctheme-2.0.9.jar

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It is against the Atlassian end user agreement to completely remove the footer (section 6.4 as of the time of writing "Attribution"):

In any use of the Software, you must include the following attribution to Atlassian on all user interfaces in the following format: “Powered by Atlassian,” which must in every case include a hyperlink to http://www.atlassian.com, and which must be in the same format as delivered in the Software.

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