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It's best described by an example:

  1. Twitter @A tweets: "I am a rabbit"
  2. Twitter @B replies: "@A how sad it is"

The goal is to make the Tweet from @B to public so every follower of @B would see even if they are not following @A. Normally @B would Tweet like this:

".@A how sad it is"

(note the dot).

Otherwise only those who follow both @A and @B would see that reply.

It would be just like a Re-Tweet but your own Tweet.

How to achieve this?

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These tweets are always public. Anyone can see them anytime. But Twitter website is not built to show @B's replies to @A on the home timeline if they are not following @A. But there are Twitter clients that does it. I remember TweetDeck having this feature. It'd show the followers of @B all of his tweets and replies to @A even if they are not following @A.

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Do you know does TweetDeck support this now? – bakytn Jun 29 '12 at 18:43
No, I don't use Tweetdeck. Just install the software and check the settings. – Bibhas Jul 2 '12 at 9:42

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