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I have seen a related question here, but the answer didn't cover how to sort them by upload date.

Is there any extension/website capable of doing this?

Related question: Play all YouTube videos uploaded by one user

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This site offers shuffle and reverse: Youtube Jukebox

Videos are sorted by date decremeting by default.

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I think there is a good reason why it was not covered, because the sort-by-date filter is right there -

enter image description here

Visit the user's channel(My Channel), click on "Videos" and you can see the filter on right hand side.

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How do I then play all the videos instead of clicking through the hundreds of videos? – Tyilo Jul 3 '12 at 13:09

Go to the YouTube channel you want. Click "all videos", date oldest to newest, hit play.

Then add &listUL to the end of the URL it wall put them in order older to newest.

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