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I dislike the format that Typepad uses when posting to Twitter to alert my followers that I've created a new blog post. Is there a mechanism to change the format?

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As I answered in the question "Is there a Wordpress plugin that will tweet when a scheduled post is posted?", if you use FeedBurner to manage your blog's RSS feed, you can set it up to post to Twitter automatically. It even offers a bunch of options about the format of the tweet.

If you use FeedBurner to manage the RSS of your blog, you can go to the Publicize tab, then click on the Socialize sidebar link and set-up FeedBurner to post on Twitter when a new post comes up (it has more options then FriendFeed).

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First, turn off the Twitter alert option in Typepad, then go sign up for dlvr.it or twitterfeed. Then enter the URL for your Typepad's RSS feed and customize to your heart's content!

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