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Say I have a CRM system which sends 20 emails to a single gmail account.

When sent all 20 emails come to gmail inbox as a "Conversation" since they are coming from a single email.

I can switch off conversation view in Gmail settings to prevent this from happening.

But how do I do it so say if I sent 20 emails at once from my CRM systems email (e.g: admin@somedomain.co.uk they get delivered separately but without SWITCHING OFF the conversation view. So it works for other emails but not the CRM systems email.

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possible duplicate of How to disable chaining in Gmail for specific set of letters? – ændrük Feb 9 '14 at 16:44

Gmail will consider emails as art of the same conversion based on the subject line

A conversation will break off into a new thread if the subject line of the conversation is changed, or if the conversation reaches over 100 messages.

Therefor tweak the CRM to avoid identical subject lines.

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