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Meetup.com clearly is making this a difficult thing to figure out how to do, even contacting them is a difficult thing to do..

I'd like to close a meetup group that I organize, and discontinue payments. How is this done?

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It seems there is no direct way to do this, which is odd. Anyway,

If you'd like to completely close the Meetup Group, so that no other member can step up to fill the Organizer position, there are some best practices we ask Organizers to consider following first:

Within your 'Group Settings', on the 'Your members' page, set the Meetup Group so that it's no longer accepting new members in the 'How members join your group' section. In 'Basics', change the name to something like 'Closing Down XYZ Meetup Group!' Send a message to your membership letting them know what's happening.

If you feel comfortable that you're ready to go, please send a message to the Meetup Community Team, and we'll take care of finishing the process from here.

NOTE: If you've already contacted the Community Team about closing the Group completely, you can send your confirmation by replying directly to the email you received. You don't have to go through the contact form and start over again.


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