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How can I make Google search exclude link titles from showing up as matching when I want the keywords to match on page content?

For example, I want to find out how I can use the Kendo UI grid component in conjunction with self referencing hiearchical data.

So I do this query:

"kendo ui" grid "self referencing"

which on the surface seems OK.

However, the majority of the results, including the first one, doesn't address this at all.

What they do have is outbound links named "Kendo UI", which is of no interest to me. I want the content to have the phrase "Kendo UI" (which neither of the results have).

An imaginary functionality would be something like:
+content:"kendo ui" grid "self referencing"
or perhaps:
"kendo ui" grid "self referencing" -a:"kendo ui"
(for excluding anchor tags with that title)

How can I perform a search with this requirement and exclude certain link titles?

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Congratulations, now this page appears as the top two results for the above search query! :) By why two results for the same page?! – w3dk Jul 7 '12 at 23:40

Try using the intext: or inanchor: operators. I think -inanchor:kendo is what you're looking for, but intext:kendomay help, too. Or try -allinanchor:kendo ui.

Here's a good list of search operators: http://www.googleguide.com/advanced_operators_reference.html.

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