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Is it possible to ensure that multiple redirect pages on a MediaWiki site redirect to the same page? There are some redirect pages that I want to synchronize so that they point to the same page, so that if one redirect link is changed, all the others will be automatically changed as well.

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It should be as easy as adding the following to the page you want to redirect from (where nameOfPage is your final destination):

#REDIRECT [[nameOfPage]]   

If you are asking about double redirects you will have to find the pages and have both of them individually point to the same redirect.

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This works for redirecting just one redirect, but this technique cannot be used to automatically synchronize multiple redirect pages so that they all point to the same page. (I mean that I want to write a script that finds all redirects to a specific page, and then changes all of them at once.) –  Anderson Green Dec 26 '12 at 20:35

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