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I have setup a mail account using Google Apps. Everything is working fine except I want to give the admin account access to all incoming an outgoing mail.

How can I do this?

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There is an auditing API available in Business, Education and ISP accounts that will allow you to download the contents of a user's GMail account including spam, sent and deleted items.

Google doesn't provide a GUI for it, but some third-party software, such as Appogee DMS, does.

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You can not do this in Google Apps. You have to login to each account using the specified username and password. You can change the password but there is no way to access everyones mail unless you forward a copy from the users accounts.

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For delegation ... Remember delegation needs to be enabled in the first place. Admin Console> Google Apps> Settings for Gmail> User Settings> "Mail Delegation"

FlashPanel allows administrators to delegate rights from any user to any other user. www.flashpanel.com

Related issues/solutions:

If you are just wanting to know what comes in to another user's account, there is always the mail rewrite rule (Admin Console> Google Apps> Settings for Gmail> User Settings>) .... where I say "If to {regexp}, copy to {another address}, optionally with [Via Fred] prepended in the subject".

The "Vault" (with Google Apps Unlimited) gives administrators ability to review anything

There is the audit report that lets you seach for emails in or out with subject lines, MsgIDs, etc. This can be useful.

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We purchased our Google Apps licenses through Promevo. Their gPanel allows me to "delegate" access for any email to ANY user. Once set, the admin can easily view an individuals mailbox. We originally started out without Promevo but transferred our licenses over when we discovered the gPanel was included with no additional cost. We now renew at $50 per user per year through Promevo. I guess they get a cut from Google. Win-Win. The admin controls and support have been outstanding.

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How does this work with an existing Google Apps account? – Andrew Lott Jul 9 '13 at 16:57

Easiest way is to set up an account and have all other incoming and outgoing mail forwarded to it.

When you login to that account there is a copy of all emails and you can use the search functions to find emails that you require. :)

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