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Is there a website with an up-to-date worldwide list of cell phone carriers searchable by phone number?

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I doubt you'll find something like that. However, here is a list with all the GSM networks around the world: gsmworld.com/roaming/gsminfo/index.shtml – Alex Jul 10 '10 at 22:10
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Wikipedia has some pretty extensive lists of mobile network operators :

This answers your the first part of your question - as for the second - searchable by phone number, is going to be tricky. You've not said if you just want to lookup numbers yourself or are trying to write / integrate the feature into some sort of application.

For the former, There seem to be a lot of web sites offering country specific lookups, but none/few offering global searches. The latter, integrating it into your site / app, a quick Google brings up Mobile Network Lookup, this looks like a good starting point, but I'm not sure how reliable this is.

One word of warning about relying on "static" lists of data - e.g numbers 1234-0001 to 1234-4999 was assigned to Operator X. Certainly in the UK, and most of Europe, it is quite common to "port" your number to a new operator when changing contract/subscription plans. This makes such static lists obsolete quite quickly

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Thanks! I looked at the Wikipedia list, but as you're pointing out it doesn't have the codes. I was looking for a website, not an API. – axk Jul 17 '10 at 11:47

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