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Many people added me as a close friend and they receive updates about my activities on Facebook. I do not want to show them via notification what I post or what I like.

How to turn these notifications off?

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You cannot stop them, it is their profile not yours.

Your only options are:

  • Post less
  • Message them and tell them to remove you from their close friends
  • Change your privacy options on your posts to me or a restricted friend subset
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You can tell your friends how to turn off close friend notifications by doing the following:

  • Click Close Friends in the left navigation of Facebook's home page
    • You'll see the below with Close Friends highlighted

Close Friends Active Page

  • In the upper right (below the Facebook header) you'll see the following with a checkmark:

enter image description here

  • Click Notifications

enter image description here

  • Select Off
    • You'll see a strike through icon now

enter image description here

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