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I need to remove a bunch of spam posts from my Facebook pages wall. The method described here won't work because the posts were coming from an RSS auto-posting app.

I'm surprised there isn't an app that will let you do this, twitter has lots of apps for bulk deleting tweets.

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I don't have any experience using it but could batch requests be what you're after? – Lee Sibbald Jul 10 '12 at 21:22

You need to de-authorize the app which is auto posting RSS feeds and there will come the option to delete all activity. Check it & click OK.

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When you deauthorize an app in your Facebook application settings, you have the option of deleting posts made by that app. Click the "X" to the far right of the application listing, then choose "Delete all app activity".

Delete all app activity

In general, you can also go through your timeline by looking at:


For each entry, find the ones whose application ID matches the app in question, and then delete them.

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This Chrome extension help you delete a whole brunch of Facebook posts:
Facebook Post Manager

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