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An attempt at illustrating this (where '->' means 'is/am friends with'):

I -> a friend in my 'Restricted' list (hereby known as 'R1') -> R1's friend (hereby known as 'R2')

Will R2 (assuming that R2 is not a Facebook friend of mine) be able to to view items in my profile that I set to be viewable by my 'Friends of Friends'? What I would like to know is if R2 will be restricted from viewing items in my profile due to his/her connection with R1 (who is in the 'Restricted' list), or will he/she be able to view items in my profile since he/she is a friend of my friend (R1), as per my profile's privacy settings.

Will the friends of friends that I put in the 'Restricted' list, see the items in my profile that I set to be viewable by my 'Friends of Friends'?

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I just tested this, and the answer is yes. Despite account A putting all its mutual friends with account B on "restricted", account B (unfriended for the sake of the experiment) was able to see friends-of-friends content.

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