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Our company just moved from Microsoft Exchange with Outlook to Google Mail, Calendar, etc. and I am trying to modify a calendar event where it repeats, but the times across the days are not the same.

I created an event from 10h00 to 16h30 and made it repeat for two days. Now the times need to be adjusted independently for the two days. I could just cancel the repeat and book a new appointment for the second day but the event has a confirmed room booking and with rooms at a premium I worry that someone else may grab the room before I can create the new second day event.

Outlook had a way to modify repeating events individually but I'm not seeing anything like that in the Google Calendar web client. So my question is whether there is a way to individually edit repeating events, or failing that, to split the repeating event into individual ones?

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Click on the instance of the event you want to modify and edit it. You'll be prompted to change just that instance, future instances, or all instances.

Modify one instance of repeating event

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That works perfectly. Not too discoverable, happening only after you make changes you think will affect all repeating events, but great once you know of the behaviour. – Steve Crane Jul 14 '12 at 17:50

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