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I have a Google spreadsheet in which multiple users are tracking a list of dates and class names (math, reading, writing, etc). On a separate sheet in the same document, I want to be able to give a count of how many times each class name shows up within a particular date range. Here is a sample workbook: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AlMRSUls9YJDdEZqeU9VaFJCbDJOZlpkRG0zcktHYnc

To rephrase the question, on the page "stats" in columns E:J I want to count how many times the classes listed in Row 4 are showing up in Column E of the sheet "summer" between the dates listed. For example, in "stats" cell E6, I want to know how many times a user entered Math on the sheet "summer" in the period July 9-13.

In Excel I would do this with the countifs formula, but that doesn't work in Google Docs. Does anyone know about a work-around I could use in this situation?

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As of 11-12-2013 the COUNTIFS function is available in the new Google Sheets:

See following reference, on how to activate the new Google Sheets:

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Check out the DCOUNT Function.

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Microsoft Excel "COUNTIFS" function in Google spreadsheets.

Check this Formula:

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