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I signed up for a free PGP key provider that worked with my Gmail account. I set it up to work with Apple Mail in Mac OS X Lion. Now, I realize I never use this encryption key, and I want to remove the service from my Gmail account setup. How can I find out what it is the service that I signed up for called, and how to remove it from my account?

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Hard to guess what you might be using, and until that is known removing it is tricky. Two possibilities to try work out what it is:

  1. Check your Google authorisations - Have a look at the application listed here, particularly anything listed as having access to Gmail.
  2. Check your browser plugins - a number of services work via a plugin in your browser, so have a look at what is listed there. Ctrl+Shift+A in Firefox, or via WrenchToolsExtensions in Chrome.
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