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When importing a load of messages into Gmail they have all been marked as unread. I don't want to have to go through 15000 emails page by page to mark them as read, is there any way to do this in bulk?

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Search for string before:date (date in format yyyy-mm-dd) and then choose More > Mark all as read.

Watch out: This will select also emails from this date! I.e. before:2012-07-12 will select email received before 12 July 2012, but also emails received on 12 July 2012.

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Search your email with


And then select them all and mark as read


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You could also use this Google script which automatically marks emails in any Gmail label (inbox also) as read when they become older than N days. Google script to mark old emails as read.

Please note that it is not a one time activity but rather a continuous "check and mark as read" script.

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How do you do it if you want to apply this to ALL labels? – dan12345 Mar 24 at 10:42

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