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I have tried following the instructions from Google Support, but when I get to step 4:

In the Email routing section, click Add another destination.

I can't proceed because there is no Email routing section.

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If you use the free version of Google Apps, you can't use the instructions you listed. – William Jackson Jul 17 '12 at 16:23
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Are you the account admin? You can't set up user-level forwarding if you have a free Google Apps account, but the users can configure it themselves: Google Support

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Great. Thanks a lot. – 1ndivisible Jul 19 '12 at 20:45

User-level routing is available in Google Apps for Business and Education.

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So there is no way I can forward emails with their free (< 10 email addresses) account? – 1ndivisible Jul 17 '12 at 19:15

In Google Apps for Education, there is also have the option of creating an email alias without the need of another account. For example, my account is user@domain.org. With email aliases, I can have e-mail sent to alias1@domain.org, alias2@domain.org, alias3@domain.org, etc. all come to user@domain.org. See these Google Apps Support Docs.

As far as forwarding from one actual account to another, you are limited to receiving mail from only one other account. See this.

It's a quick and easy setup, but it does have to be done by an Administrator.

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For the free Google Apps account (which they're not giving away anymore) you have to burn a user account for this, as these accounts do not come with mail routing. Create a user account, then setup mail forwarding.

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Apps > Gmail > Default Routing Set default routing: Enter New email address: jondoe@example.com Under #2 click "Also deliver to: Add more recipients" Under #3 leave "Perform this action only on non-recognized addresses" clicked

Under Apps User Account: Aliases > Set Alias: jondoe@example.com

Now setup "send email as" for jondoe@example.com in the @gmail.com smtp.gmail.com Port 465 SSL Username: jondoe@example.com Password: Password of jondoe@example.com Done

Now make jondoe@example.com default if you want.

Now Set a Filter in the Google Apps User Gmail Acct to skip the inbox, delete it and forward to the alias @gmail.com account

Test and Success!

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I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but you can configure forwarding in the mail-settings of the account (as well as with every "normal" Gmail-account).

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