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As I have some free time that I wish to use, I am requesting recommendations for websites that would allow me to submit subtitles.

I've had a look around and I cannot really find any that fit my criteria. I am hoping for desire a site that has an active community, preferably in which users can informally discuss movies, as well as request subtitles.

Unfortunately I will only be able to subtitle media that is in English, but there are some people who desire this, such as those whose hearing is impaired or those who speak English but aren't fluent English speakers.

I would also assume that this could be considered a leg of a relay, in which the next leg would be performed by a translator.

What is also important to note is that I do not require payment the services that I wish to provide; I merely feel compelled to contribute to such a community, as I have used and appreciated subtitles in the past.

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I'm aware of OpenSubtitles.org. Its forum seems active, but never used it.

From the site:

  • biggest multi-language subtitle database
  • no registration needed to download subtitles
  • advanced search filters (by genre, rating, year...)
  • search for more than one language
  • search for many subtitles simultaneously (multi-search)
  • get search results by e-mail or rss
  • site is "open" (you can get every page as parseable XML)
  • support for coding web-applications (autodownload, upload)
  • can act as a subtitle server for other subtitle sites
  • we look for your feature requests (site still in development)

Also, you can search for the following subtitling softwares to see if they lead to an important/active community:

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