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I have a CSV file with 1 column for each day of the year, obviously giving me greater than the 256 column limit that stops me from importing it into a Google Docs spreadsheet. Is there any online app (or transpose tool for that matter) that would get me around this?


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So as I was saying...

I couldn't find anything that would let me do this that didn't involve installing a full spreadsheet app so I created a simple CSV transposition tool on app engine:

CSV Transposer Tool

Well done, dude. Cool solution. :) – cregox Mar 7 '14 at 14:12

With the new Google Spreadsheet, you are able to add more than 256 columns.

To test this, I added this formula in A1:


and continued with this formula in A2

=SPLIT(A1, ",")

It will raise an error, telling you to add more columns (it will add 300 as a standard): enter image description here

Once added, the split result will expand and show all the data in the 367 columns.


Try this:


It allows you to upload more than 256 columns.

Please can you elaborate on this web application. Maybe provide a bit more information about it? You should also state if you are affiliated with this product. – codingbadger Jul 27 '12 at 7:44

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