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When a Netflix show is paused, eventually the synopsis of the current episode will show on-screen. Also, when you roll over the "next" icon ( ▶| ), the synopsis of the next episode will show on-screen.

Is it possible to disable either or both of these synopses?

To be more specific, I am watching Breaking Bad for the first time. However, whenever I need to pause or I accidentally roll over the Next Episode button, I end up learning things about the current or upcoming episode that I didn't know, yet. While the spoilers are limited, they are still spoilers. Is there any way to prevent these occurrences?

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What you are asking for is currently not possible. Netflix has no such options currently.

As a way around you can install some third party extensions such as "Page Eraser" which can hide certain elements from certain sites from appearing on your screen.

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The Netflix application is made in Silverlight. Would Page Eraser work on it? –  Koviko Mar 23 at 19:10
@Koviko I do not know, I use neither Netflix nor Page Eraser and have no Idea what Silverlight is. –  user221287 Mar 24 at 7:16
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