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So, we have Software-as-a-Service, such as Google Docs and Salesforce, that allows you to use the software as if it's a service, without the need to install and maintain the application.

Is there any analogue Math-Algorithm-As-a-Service, that allows one to use the math algorithm when it's needed? I realize that Wolfram Alpha could be a good example ( especially with its API), but beyond that?

Such a service would be useful for startups who need to chunk a large amount of data and make sense out of it, but who don't have the machine learning experts or related math experts to implement those algorithms themselves.

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Google's Prediction API: http://code.google.com/apis/predict/

Also R-php looks like it could be very useful: http://dssm.unipa.it/R-php/

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Algorithms-as-a-service from Algorithmia.com does just this.

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