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We want to build a system to manage our customer information. The customers are assigned to sellers and seller's routes. For example, seller A will visit customer B on Monday.

We want it to support several features

  • Import data via CSV

  • Data grid to manage the customer, including reordering of rows

  • Batch operation (e.g. select multiple customers, then click "Assign to another sellers")

I currently implement a Symfony site for it, but found the data grid to be a little tricky to implement (I use jqGrid)

I thought 'bout using Drupal (CCK) or Plone but not sure if they comes with any good solution for datagrid (focus on user-friendliness)

I prefer the solution to be in PHP.

Any inputs for me ? Is there any hosted web application for this ? (allow us to define a custom object, then provide a frontend to manage them)


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I've heard good things about Quickbase, but I've not used it for an application yet -- should have all the features you need.


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Wow, the guy in the picture on that frontpage looks like a major dork. How can anyone think it was a good idea to use this guy's picture to promote its app. – mbillard Jul 10 '10 at 14:45

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