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I recall that I could pause an experiment on Google Website Optimizer, but now that experiments have been moved over to Google Analytics, I don't see a way to do that (and knowing Google, there's a good chance that they just dropped that feature). Can anyone tell me how to accomplish this (short of changing the code on my site)?

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It looks like the feature isn't available in Google Analytics at this stage - one of the few places it is noted is in this blog post:

... details that are currently not supported include copy a test and pause a test. Users only have the option to stop a test but, because this is a big problem for all users, I expect a quick fix after August 1. These exclusions could not have been a technical limitation but most likely were features that did not make the August 1 launch.

So hopefully it is coming soon. In the meantime you can stop the experiment, there doesn't seem to be any other work around.

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