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I registered for Outlook.com with my Hotmail email address and am not unable to figure out how to convert my Hotmail account over to Outlook. I can no longer log in to Hotmail to "upgrade".

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I'm not exactly sure what you did... When I loaded outlook.com, it automatically logged me into my Hotmail account and it worked fine (for the record, it was a @live.com address). –  sidran32 Jul 31 '12 at 17:14

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All you had, or have to do, is head to Outlook.com. Once there, simply log in with your original Hotmail/Windows Live credentials, and you'll be able to have the new Outlook.com service, while keeping your @hotmail or @live email address.

If you have used your Hotmail/Live ID with Windows Phone then make sure that you read the warning message mentioned there, as you might have to do a factory reset of your Windows Phone:

Warning: You might not want to change this email address if you've used it to set up a Windows Phone. On your phone, features that use this address will stop working, including Marketplace, Xbox LIVE, SkyDrive, email, and others. To use these features again on your phone, you'd need to restore it to factory settings, which erases all personal content.

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To change your @hotmail.com to a new @outlook.com

  1. Log into outlook.com with your Hotmail credentials.
  2. Once in, click the engine wheel located on the top right of the page.
  3. In this menu, select "More mail settings".
  4. Now, look for the option "Rename email address" under the "Managing your account title"
  5. Change what you want and your done, click OK/Save.

If your Hotmail account does not have a strong password that conforms to outlook.com requirements (i.e. at least 8 characters with at least two of: upper case, lower case, number, symbol) you must first change your Hotmail password then you can do the conversion.

Also note that you may be asked to supply a phone number and other information in case something goes wrong and they need to contact you. A phone number for sure has to be entered. A dummy phone number with area code and 123-4567 worked. You may or may not need to supply a security question. I supplied and tried to avoid the phone number. Now I cannot remove it. The other passwored recovery questions appear to be optional.

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Follow the instructions on the official Outlook.com blog here

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I can no longer log in to Hotmail to "upgrade".

Are you saying you are still on the 'old' Hotmail and can't find where to change over to the 'new' Outlook? Or can you simply not log in anymore?

If you can't find where to 'upgrade', try going to Outlook.com and log in.

If you can't log in, and you are trying to log in with @live.com or @hotmail.com, try logging in using @outlook.com instead.

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